Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WGU Now Provides Unofficial Transcripts & Report Cards

Unofficial Transcripts and Grade Reports
We are pleased to announce that unofficial transcripts and grade reports are now available to students. The student portal has been updated to include links on the 'resources' tab that will allow students to view and print an unofficial copy of their transcript, as well as a 'report card' of their prior term¿s academic history. We believe this self-service to students will increase awareness of academic progress as represented on a transcript and further facilitate discussions regarding pacing, RCD's and SAP. Additionally, we believe unofficial transcripts and prior term grade reports will enable students to satisfy the requirements of Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs, insurance rate reductions, loan deferments, etc. We encourage students to review their unofficial transcripts and report any errors to the Records department.

Please note that, in addition to "Pass" and "Not Passed," students may also see grades of "Withdrawn" and "Incomplete" on both their unofficial transcript and prior term grade report. A grade of "Incomplete" is temporary and not a permanent grade and is resolved upon completion of the Manual Recheck period.

Official transcripts can be purchased from the National Student Clearinghouse

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