Thursday, November 4, 2010

Employment Opportunities for WGU Students

I was contacted this morning by a IT recruiter who was trying to place one of my IT students in a IT position.  The student used me as a reference and like most of my students I was more than happy to vouch for his professionalism and ability.

The particular position was for and entry level job and that is just what so many WGU IT students need right now, a foot in the door.  They have the certs, they are soon to have the degree and just need that first opportunity in the IT field.

The recruiter said they had tons of entry level positions that they are trying to fill, so if you are a WGU student and in the market for your first IT job, try Robert Half  Technology.  If you're looking specifically in Utah, send your IT resume to Kerstin Moore or contact her on LinkedIn. They have jobs at all experience levels that they are trying to fill.  Why not fill them with WGU students?

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