Monday, January 10, 2011

WGU IT Course Moving to LabSim for Pre-assessments

LabSim for Pre-assessments

While it may not apply to all courses in WGU's BSIT programs, Those with the LabSim as a primay resource are moving away from Measure Up as the Pre-assessment and testing in LabSim instead as a pre-assessment.

To see if your BSIT course is one that uses LabSim as a pre-assessment, check the course of study. Here you can find the details of how to use LabSim as a pre-assessment: LabSim Pre-assessments

The move seems to be to the advantage of students in being a more directed and focused approach to test preparation as well as giving students one less resource in which to engage.  Preliminary results are very positive and feedback has been very good from both student and mentors on the change.

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